Our Services


Daycare can be helpful on a regular basis, or on an occasional hectic, busy day. We have some daycare guests with us every day, Monday through Friday, some on an every other day basis, and some who come in once or twice a month. An appointment is necessary only for your dog's first day. After that, you can count on us to take care of your dog without notice, Monday through Friday

Full day: $24 ("Frequent Flyer" discounted rate: $22)
Half day: $19 (drop off after 11:00 am or pick up before 3:00 pm)


We provide both a complete bath and brush, as well as full grooming services.

Both of these services are available by appointment at the end of a daycare or overnight boarding. We will need to see the coat condition of long-haired dogs to give an accurate quote, but feel free to give us a call for an estimate.

Pick-up & Delivery

Do you have one of those days that might take 26 hours to get everything done? Need to get your dog to the kennel for grooming, before you head out of town, or just for the day while you run around saving the world? At BZY FEET we try to find ways to relieve your stress as well as your pet's. Let us pick up your dog from your home or office and take him/her to our place for any of our provided services.

Pick-up & Delivery Rates: $10 Base Fee (No mileage fees within specified area / $1/per mile beyond)

Swimming & Aquatic Conditioning

Take advantage of our salt water pool to give your dog and extra activity, or work out sore muscles and aging bones. Pool activity is always supervised and dogs new to swimming are given any necessary guidance or assistance. All dogs are dried after swimming and have their ears cleaned.

Rates: Single Swim = $10 / 10-Swim Package = $90