After years of begging his parents, Eric finally got his first dog at the age of 10, only to learn a tough lesson: she was pregnant with 6 puppies!  After raising the litter with the help of his sisters, a lifelong passion for dogs was born.  Later in life, as the owner of several German Shepherds, he faced a challenge in finding quality care for his dogs when he needed to leave town.  After some trial and error, he found BzyFeet Kennels, then operated by its previous owner, Tony.  What began as a joke when Tony mentioned retirement, eventually evolved into a reality, and Eric purchased the kennel from Tony in 2005.  In more than 12 years since, Eric and the rest of the BzyFeet team have enjoyed offering excellent care, and building a wonderful client base of fun new pups as well as cherished old ones!


Cary Started For A Civlized Dog in 2000 with incredible success after studying for years as an apprentice under one of Southern California’s best dog trainers. Cary’s love of training, behavior, and problem-solving has led him not only to running a successful training business, but also to high-level hobby competition with his own dogs. He joined BzyFeet in 2005 and has since helped to make BzyFeet an inclusive and safe boarding environment for all dogs, even those with behavioral issues or special behavioral needs.


From 2003-2010 Jaclyn worked in the Veterinary field refining her skills and educating herself on how to manage animals and humans alike. Jaclyn joined For A Civilized Dog/BzyFeet Kennels in 2010. Today she works diligently to schedule reservations, coordinate training programs, and assist with caring for our guests. Most importantly, she's always willing to take extra time to make sure our clients feel comfortable leaving their canine family members while they're away!


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Our owners share over 40 years of experience in the pet industry. With experience ranging from grooming and training to veterinary care, we have developed a wealth of knowledge of our craft and are pleased to be able to help with all of you canine care needs! Additionally, we employ a full time staff of experienced kennel attendants to care for our guests. For your peace of mind and your dog's comfort we have multiple staff members who live on site.