Our indoor/outdoor kennels enable your dog to go in and out as they please. At night, everyone is brought in and all of the doors are closed to completely control the climate of our sleeping quarters. All dogs have their own enclosure unless two or more dogs from the same household want to share a run.


We enjoy the dogs' playtime almost as much as the dogs do. Groups are set up by the dogs' size and enthusiasm for play. Vivacious rompers have their own group, broken down to size of dog, as do the mellow cruisers, and the really mellow older dogs. All dogs get out of their runs at least twice daily, even if they can't play with other dogs. These dogs play separately with a member of the staff. Play times are 30 minutes minimum. 


Boarding rate: $40/night, per dog.

We require all of our boarding/daycare/bathing guests to be at least 16 weeks of age and up-to-date on the following vaccines: Bordetella (good for at least 6 months from date given), DHPP (good for at least 1 year from date given), and Rabies (good for at least 1 year from date given).  We also require a negative fecal/giardia test completed within 1 year.  Current vaccine/fecal test info must be provided prior to check in.

We do not require that dogs be spayed/neutered to board with us, however, this may affect their play assignment.  


"Yap Yap Yap"

[Ôur Sērvîcėš]

Our goal is that each of our guests has the best time possible during the time we share at our facility. We have approx. 22,000 sq. feet of property, providing several kennel configurations, lots of open space, and a salt water pool for exercise and play.


Spend a Day at Bzy Feet Kennels with Samantha


We offer spa-quality products and full bathing services for all your dog's skin and coat needs. A bath includes a brush out, blow dry, nail trim, and ear cleaning.


Baths start at $25 and may increase based on coat length/condition.

Take advantage of our salt water pool to give your dog some extra fun during their stay! Pool activity is always supervised and dogs new to swimming are given any necessary guidance or assistance. All dogs are dried after swimming and have their ears cleaned. Swimming is available 7 days a week in conjunction with boarding only.

Rates: Single Swim = $10